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    ON/OFF GRID Hybrid Inverter,

    ON/OFF GRID Hybrid Inverter,

    ON/OFF GRID Hybrid Solar Inverter


    The bidirectional energy storage photovoltaic inverter can realize the functions of off  grid power generation and grid connected power generation, as well as the bidirectional automatic control of electric energy. According to the actual needs, the product can be switched automatically and manually by the customer. The full-new appearance design can ensure the small volume and light weight while improving the performance and service life of the products. The product can set the priority of local energy storage or grid connection/tied setting according to the power usage of the user's location, and can also communicate with the local grid network power company for remote control of the working state System, in the case of power loss, can realize the function of backup power supply, protect the power safety of electrical equipment.







    1. /Wide voltage range of PV input, more conducive to customer use;
    2. /Multiple modes of operation are available: grid tied for discharging power, off grid working with load, grid tied for charging and energy storage, bypass with load etc;
    3. /Friendly human-computer interface, clear display of the current working state of the system, and can set different user demand modes and states;
    4. /PV, battery and AC can start the system independently, which is convenient for customers to use in different environment.
    5. /Strong protection function, with over-voltage and under voltage, over-frequency and under frequency protection, software and hardware over-current protection, over temperature and AC short circuit automatic protection function etc;
    6. /It has perfect communication function, including USB, RS485, GPRS, WiFi and other rich communication interfaces, providing customers with comprehensive communication and control mode.
    7. /Novel mobile app function, convenient for customers to check the working condition of inverter anytime and anywhere;
    8. /The powerful BMS battery management function can detect the battery condition,provide the best charging process for the battery, set the appropriate charging and discharging ratio, prevent the occurrence of overshoot, and increase the battery service life.
    9. /With novel and unique U disk update software function, it is greatly convenient for customers to synchronize the latest functions in real time and increase customer satisfaction;
    10. /The combination of DSP + ARM chip, high cost performance, high performance DSP chip, ensure the sampling accuracy and control accuracy, ensure the system more stable and reliable, powerful arm chip, fast processing of various data inside the inverter, monitoring the operation of the whole system.
    11. /Powerful power grid dispatching function, realize optimization, energy saving dispatching, and meet the power demand of users to the maximum extent.
    12. /No fan, low noise operation, noise less than 25dB, easier to get users' favor; 




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